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UFC on FOX 11: Eva Marie Celebrity Interview

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CM Punk talks future in WWE and MMA, Brock Lesnar, WWE Network, UFC on FOX 10, Ronda Rousey, more

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Vince McMahon Frustrated With Cody Rhodes’ Commentary During Raw

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Vince McMahon was frustrated with Cody Rhodes' commentary during the Usos vs Shield match on Raw this week. Vince was apparently feeding JBL lines during that segment, which is why JBL was pretty intense with Rhodes. 
Cody was told to take charge on commentary and Vince didn't think he did that, but rather gave typical babyface responses to the questions. 
A separate source denied that Vince was upset about the segment, but did say Vince pushed JBL to go after Cody a bit. 
It's common knowledge at this point that Vince McMahon regularly feeds lines to the commentators. However, it's being said that JBL is Vince's "go to" guy when he wants to drill certain points with more emphasis.

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How Vince McMahon should return to television

With the daunting task of creating compelling televisions during the PG Era of the WWE, the authority storyline stands out as a angle that is good for business, but could be so much.
Although The Authority storyline with Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton continues to captivate The WWE Universe every week, the storyline itself looks dangerously close to reaching a unsatisfying and predictable climax at Hell In Hell.
We all know the rumors that Vince McMahon is set to return to television after Hell in a Cell and battle his tyrant son in law for control of the WWE. We also can predict  the ensuing fight will most likely center on what both men believe to be best for business, but where does the storyline go from there? What exactly would be Vince McMahon’s driving force to return to television?

Besides the obvious angle of Vince battling Triple H for control of the Company, there really is no believable storyline right now that would justify a return by Vince McMahon. In fact, the last time we saw Vince McMahon on television was the Monday Night  Raw after SummerSlam, where Vince stood arm and arm with his Son in law, and praised him for doing what was best for business.
So then how does the WWE go from Vince praising his son in law’s decision to make Randy Orton the face of the company, to Vince returning to TV and demanding his company back for The Game? Besides a bunch of pointless jokes about low ratings and unhappy employs since Vince has left, I really see no way that this storyline could be even remotely interesting.
The feud between Triple H and Vince McMahon will no doubt continue to center on whether giant-like superstars with proper body muscle should be the face of the company, or if WWE can thrive with a smaller underdog like character. Although that angle added fuel to the fire to the John Cena versus Daniel Bryan storyline, it seems doubtful that The WWE would be interested in the same angle a second time around.
If the WWE is going to have Vince McMahon return to television and battle his son, they need fresh and exciting angles to do it with. They need something that goes beyond the squared circle and the business altogether. If this storyline is going to work, it needs to get personal.

With Triple H being on a massive power trip after screwing Daniel Bryan out of the WWE title title at Summerslam, Night of Champions  and Battleground the WWE need to further his character development, and have him turn on his own associates in a vicious and cruel manner.The double heel turn would allow for Stephanie McMahon, who has been on a power trip of her own lately, to turn face and reunite with her father to battle Triple H for control of the company.
The best way to do this, is to have Triple H continue on his current power trip and start to flirt with some of the divas. The flirting will cause Stephanie to go irate and start building the storyline towards a affair. Finally Triple H will cross the line and be caught in the act with a diva by Stephanie, thus turning her face so she can make a alliance with her dad and battle a egotistical Triple H for control of the company.
The storyline would not only give a big boost to the main event picture and The Authority storyline, but would also allow for a quicker return by Divas Champion, AJ Lee, to take on a mouthpiece role in the company while she fully recovers from injury.
The WWE has tried their hand at affair storylines before, The most recent one being the failed romance between former Raw General Manager, AJ Lee and John Cena, but with fans already going wild from Big Show‘s knockout punch to Triple H last week on Raw, The WWE Universe is practically begging for another reason to despise Triple H, and what better way to do so then having a affair while married to the bosses daughter?

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Stephanie McMahon cashes in WWE stock for $8.3M

Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night RAW
Stephanie McMahon has played a lot of roles at World Wrestling Entertainment, the sports entertainment giant controlled by her father, Vince McMahon.
The 37-year-old executive vice president, creative, has served as a wrestler’s valet, a wrestler and, as a teenager, a model in a WWE catalog.
But since May, the McMahon daughter, married to WWE star Paul “Triple H” Levesque, has been a featured player in yet another role: an inside seller of WWE shares.
Since the spring, the executive — referred to in SEC filings and her Twitter feed as Stephanie McMahon (rather than her married name), has sold 833,000 shares of WWE stock, according to regulatory filings.
The sales, carried out over 43 separate transactions, have netted McMahon about $8.3 million.
The sales were so aggressive, filings show, that McMahon had to convert nearly 1.3 million shares — or about one third of her stake — of McMahon family super-voting B shares into A shares to raise the cash.
As of March 4, McMahon owned 8.3 percent of the B shares outstanding.
Even after the sell-off, the McMahon family still firmly controls the Stamford, Conn., company as CEO Vince McMahon owns 87 percent of the 10-votes-per-share B class.
The younger McMahon’s sales came at share prices ranging from $9.05 to $10.89, filings show.

WWE shares closed Thursday at $10.90, up 0.9 percent. The shares have gained 38 percent over the past year.
The sales grew so regular and so large that even WWE fan blogs like and started commenting on them.
While bloggers and Wall Street analysts were left wondering why she was selling her shares so aggressively, The Post has learned it is, in part, to finance the building of a new home.
“Stephanie McMahon is selling a portion of her Class B shares for personal financial purposes that include building a house,” the company said in a statement after being asked about the transactions.
The latest sale came on Oct. 7.
McMahon has properties in Westport, Conn., and Manhattan, according to property records.
The sales come as WWE on Sept. 13 lowered its 2014 profit guidance down — just weeks after an August downward revision.
WWE said capital expenses grew because of a one-time expense: replacing the corporate jet.
The company said it expects 2013 operating earnings to range between $40 million and $50 million.
Meanwhile, the company’s pay-per-view earnings are under pressure and its TV ratings are down, in part because the firm has added more hours.
WWE had hoped to launch its own cable channel, but those plans have not progressed far. Over the longer term, however, WWE expects renewals with its four big TV partners to reap big rewards.

Update Regarding Vince McMahon's Imminent Return To WWE Television

Source: The Wrestling Observer

The Wrestling Observer reports that Vince McMahon's imminent return to WWE television, which is expected to be sometime in the near future, may likely be part of the recent "storyline change in attitude and confidence" of Big Show.
Word is that Vince will come back to WWE as a babyface to defend Big Show, which would allow Show to become more confident despite his job being threatened by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.
As previously reported, Vince will be making his return to television sooner than originally expected due to the recent dip in ratings and "other business projections."

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WWE Monday Night Raw: Stephanie McMahon Fires Big Show

The opening segment of Monday Night Raw following the WWE Battleground pay-per view saw Stephanie McMahon at the center of ring talking about the events that ended the pay-per view.
McMahon expressed her outrage over the actions of Big Show on Sunday. McMahon indicated that Big Show ruined the WWE title match and consequently upset the WWE universe, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan. After expressing her frustration, McMahon then ordered Big Show to the ring to explain his actions.

As soon as Big show entered the ring, McMahon ordered an explanation. Instead, Big Show was non-compliant and indicated that he was upset with how he has been treated as of late. When explaining his actions, Big Show indicated that knocking out Orton was an audible of his own. However, Big Show indicted McMahon as the one who orchestrated the knockout on Bryan. McMahon of coursed denied the accusation. As part of the storyline, McMahon and Triple H were not displayed at the pay-per view because of an emergency at WWE headquarters. In any event, Big Show alluded to the idea that McMahon instructed Brad Maddox on what to do.

The segment ended with McMahon in the ring slapping Big Show and then firing the superstar.
Of course, this was a storyline firing.
Big Show is still very much involved in the McMahon storyline. It is expected that Big Show will soon feud with Randy Orton, though, talks of Big Show also facing Triple H has been going around the WWE creative team.
There has been this idea going around that when Vince McMahon returns to TV, he will be against his daughter and son-in-law. The conclusion of this storyline likely will not come until Wrestlemania 30 but McMahon’s return is said to come sooner rather than later.
The speculation here is that along with his return, the chairman of the board will likely re-instate Big Show.

The Reported Reason Stephanie McMahon Is Named "WWE Owner"

You may have noticed Justin Roberts struggle to introduce Triple H & Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night RAW (last week).
He eventually came out with Stephanie McMahon, the "Owner of the WWE".
There is a very deliberate reason for this however. F4W Online are noting that this feud with the McMahon family is still set to be a massive part of Wrestlemania with Stephanie/HHH on one side and Vince on the other.
The outcome? A Wrestlemania XXX match with Triple H in one corner and a "choice" of wrestler by Vince McMahon in the other with the "control of the WWE" at stake. 

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Sam Roberts talks to Paul Heyman about Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, Anthony Weiner

Sam Roberts talks to Paul Heyman at the WWE 2K14 20 Years of Wrestlemania event about Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, Anthony Weiner, and of course...The Haps.

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The Bizarre Story Behind Vince McMahon Wanting To Censor Chrisitian's Face


Former WWE lead writer Alex Greenfield was recently interviewed by John Pollock on Thursday. He revealed some interesting insight into the creative process during his time with WWE from 2005-06. One of the the more bizarre revelations was how Vince McMahon wanted to literally censor Christian's face with a blue a dot because he couldn't stand it!
"Right before I started, there was a big show, I think it might have been in Toronto. Christian was just so completely over, and everybody thought he was going to get a push at, I think it was the World Heavyweight Championship at that point. We were on the plane one time shortly after I started, and Vince was just like “God damn, I just don’t like his face. His face really bothers me.” I was like, “He’s ugly, Vince?” “No, it’s not that he’s ugly, it’s just, I don’t know, it’s ratty! You know what we should do? That Kennedy gimmick.” And we’re all like, “What?” Some see-on of the Kennedy fortune I guess got arrested for rape in the 1990s at some point. When the woman who was accusing him was on the stand, all of the networks put a blue dot over her face. Vince was like, “God damn, you know what we should do? We should put a blue dot over his face whenever he comes out.” It was the flight to Sheffield, England, also the flight where the Spirit Squad idea was invented. This was a whole flight of bad ideas."
Greenfield also discusses a backstage argument between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels in 2005 and build for SummerSlam this year.
To listen to the full interview, click here.

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Michael Cole Says Vince McMahon Is An Unbelievable Mentor

Michael Cole recently spoke with Wrestling101. Below are the interview highlights:
What have been some of your highlights during your time with WWE?
My career was made at the beginning thanks to Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude, if it wasn’t for D-Generation X who knows if I would’ve ever been discovered to become the personality that I am today, with those guys we had so much fun together and I become their foil.
From there I went onto SmackDown and I was there for ten years straight before I moved to Raw and that was obviously a huge experience for me. Then moving to Monday Night Raw was probably the biggest moment of my career. Finally being asked to get in the ring and have Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s only WrestleMania match was a complete honour, I was completely humbled by that and I had a lot of fun doing it.
I like being a bad guy but now I’m a good guy again and it’s all just so much fun, you’re able to reinvent your character so much in this business and that’s why I enjoy it so much.
You were doing commentary on Raw when Jerry Lawler had a heart attack, what instincts kicked in when that incident happened?
My news instincts kicked in, it was just one of those things where Jerry had a heart attack next to me and being a news reporter kicked in. I had to report what was going on in the ring, then I had to report what was going on with Jerry, it was all instinct, there was nothing premeditated about it.
Jerry had a match that night but it was business as usual, he came back and went to work nothing changed. Whatever match it was we were calling, I thought he was snoring and I turned around to look at him and he was passed out on the table and we went from there. It was a surreal thing and I’ve never watched that moment back, I don’t want to but I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. He was passed out under the table and luckily doc Sampson was three feet away and they got to him quickly and got his heart going again but it was a bizarre time, I didn’t know for the last hour of the show if I was going to have to report that Jerry had passed away or if he was surviving and luckily we got the news right as we were going off the air that he was surviving, it was a really tough time.
Obviously it all came out the way we wanted it to, and it is great having Jerry back on the commentary table. It changed me personally but it also changed me professionally because at that point I became a babyface again and I think for the best, I was a bad guy for a while but it was time to change. Obviously Jerry’s heart attack changed history as we look at it.
What is Vince McMahon like as a boss?
He is wonderful, he’s hard but he is a genius with what we do as a company. If you can understand how to learn from him, here is a guy that is a billionaire and he’s built the wrestling business to where it is today but he still goes out and puts himself in situations, embarrassing situations for the good of the company.
That’s why when I did my role as a heel for a few years and all the things I did to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, I did that with Vince in mind. Vince is the owner of the company but he has had his head shoved up Big Shows rear-end, had his head shaved bald at WrestleMania, all the stuff he did over the years I thought if my boss could do that, I could do that.
He is one of my hero’s in this business and even in life, I’ve grown up in this business, I’ve spent 16-years here, I started as a fairly young kid, I’ve raised my family being a part of the WWE. Vince is like a second father to me and he has helped me throughout my career and I hope to spend the rest of my career with the guy, he’s just been an unbelievable mentor.
Have you ever had an ear bashing from Vince?
(Laughs) Yeah it happens every week, the thing is you can’t take it personally. Vince is very obsessive about his product because he should be, he has built the WWE into a global phenomenon, this is his baby and he acts that way because he wants his product to be the best.
You have to understand it’s not a personal attack, it’s him wanting his product to be the best in the world and once you can understand that you’re going to be better than ever and you’ve got to understand it’s a way to motivate you.

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WWE News: Vince McMahon and Triple H added to upcoming Raw TV event

WWE is advertising Vince McMahon and Triple H for the Raw television event on June 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

WWE is not advertising the duo on the live events page, but they are featured on the arena website advertising. The show will take place the night after the WWE Payback event. For whatever it's worth, C.M. Punk is not advertised for this event.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Vince McMahon joins Twitter

Following in the footsteps of his daughter and son-in-law , WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has joined Twitter. You can follow him at

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update: More on Vince McMahon Attack Angle, Details of Surgery Revealed

As reported last week, Brock Lesnar's attack on Vince McMahon was designed as a way to write McMahon off of television so he could undergo surgery on his hip. is now reporting McMahon went through with the attack angle because even if he got hurt, he was going in for surgery anyway.
Sources are saying McMahon's surgery was similar to The Undertaker's procedures that he had done for fixing the top of his hip joint. PWTorch's report went on to say McMahon most likely needed the surgery because he continues to do squats in the gym, and his excerise regimen has caused deterioration on his hips.
Following last week's surgery, WZ reported earlier today that McMahon is in fact at tonight's RAW tapings, and is backstage walking around with the assistance of crutches.

Bruno Sammartino..... Hall Of Famer

WWE issued the following press release today announcing Bruno Sammartino for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

STAMFORD, Conn., February 4, 2013 – WWE (NYSE:WWE) announced today that Bruno Sammartino will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Madison Square Garden.
Sammartino, nicknamed "The Living Legend," is a two-time WWE Champion and the longest reigning WWE Champion in history, holding the title for a combined 11 years. His first title reign began on May 17, 1963, where he defeated "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers at Madison Square Garden. After losing the Championship in 1971, he regained the title on December 10, 1973, defeating Stan Stasiak at Madison Square Garden, holding the Championship until April 30, 1977. When he retired from the ring, Sammartino became a color commentator for WWE's syndicated Superstars program and stepped back into the ring on special occasions. After his departure in 1988, Sammartino was openly critical of WWE, and for many years declined the offer to be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame, citing concerns with WWE's content and culture.

"For my fans around the world, I am pleased to be joining the WWE Hall of Fame, especially at Madison Square Garden," said Bruno Sammartino.
"Having sold out more than 200 shows at Madison Square Garden and being the longest reigning WWE champion in history, Bruno Sammartino is truly 'The Living Legend,'" said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. "This is an extraordinary and historic moment to have Bruno take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame."
Tickets for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony are currently available through all Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. All tickets are subject to service charges and facility fees.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bankrupt THQ owes WWE $45 million, Vince McMahon "furious"

It’s been a very tough year for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in 2012. Let’s take a look back at some of the things that have saddened him over the past 12 months.
Things seemed to be looking up for the company with heavy promotion of WrestleMania 28 under way. The dream match of The Rock vs. John Cena went off with a bang and it earned the biggest PPV buy-rate in North American professional wrestling history. Not to mention the debut of Brock Lesnar on Raw the very next night helped maintain interest. Lesnar went on to face Cena at Extreme Rules.
It wasn’t until The Rock left for Hollywood again and Lesnar’s departure as well did things start to dwindle. The TV ratings started to tank and the company hadn’t created its next big star yet. Although McMahon was looking forward to the Raw 1000th episode in July that year.
The 1000th episode of Raw marked the beginning of making the show 3 hours each and every week. McMahon was optimistic that the extra TV time will make the show more exciting. Little did he know that his plan backfired as Raw hasn’t seen low ratings since 1997. Now it is December and the ratings haven’t improved.
Another thing that has made McMahon very upset in the amount of money his wife lost spending it all on her unsuccessful senate campaign. She spent $50 million on her run in 2010, and another $40 million to try again in 2012. In total, she lost $90 million on two unsuccessful campaigns.
The last thing that has made him furious is the recent bankruptcy of THQ. THQ has published all of the WWE video games since 1999, but has now filed for bankruptcy. It’s possible Ubisoft will buy its assets, although THQ still owes the WWE $45 million.
McMahon had better pray for a better 2013. 2012 had its positive moments, although the latter parts of the year have been nothing but pretty bad for the Chairman.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update On Martha Hart's Lawsuit Against WWE, Vince McMahon And Linda McMahon

Source: PWInsider
There has been some changes recently in Martha Hart's lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon with part of what was still in court being thrown out. On November 16th, Judge Stefan R. Underhill dismissed more of Hart's lawsuit against WWE. It remains to be seen what was actually dismissed and what is left but it appears that WWE continues to whittle down the charges brought against them by Owen Hart's widow.

Before the November 16th hearing, what was remaining were claims that Owen's name would have reverted back to his usage and his usage alone in his passing and that his legal name would not be considered his "ring name", meaning WWE does not have the rights to use, market and promote that name in their materials and DVD releases. The claim also remained that WWE released eight DVD's and other materials including the WWE Encyclopedia without proper payments to Owen's estate per his Booking Contract with Titan Sports, which required royalty payments continue after his death, per the written contract. Furthermore, the claims that WWE used original intellectual property including family photos without the permission of Owen's estate and that the Owen Hart Foundation has been hurt due to its unwanted association with WWE through WWE's use of Owen video and other material.

On November 27th, a judge partially approved a motion to dismiss Hart's copyright infringement claim against Vince personally. Judge Underhill ruled that Hart's camp "failed to prevent sufficient evidence of McMahon's vicarious liability for copyright infringement." The Judge noted that to establish liability in a copyright infringement claim, Hart's camp would need to prove that Vince had "the right and ability to supervise and an obvious and direct financial interest in the exploitation of copyrighted materials." The only proof Hart had was that Vince is WWE's President and majority shareholder but that was not enough to leave him personally responsible for any alleged copyright infringements.

It's worth noting that Linda was not mentioned in any of the recent rulings so parts of the lawsuit against her personally may still be going on.
Vince and Linda had requested the court order Hart's attorneys to pay for some of WWE's legal fees but the court denied that sanctioning. The court also refused to remove certain remarks made in Hart's most recent amended lawsuit against WWE and the McMahons.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Vince McMahon Conference Call Notes: WWE Network Update, Financial Report, More

Vince McMahon hosted a conference call pertaining to the third quarter financial report that WWE released on November 1, 2012. Here are some highlights.
* Michael Weitz of WWE Investor Relations opened the call. Weitz hoped the callers on the East Coast were able to weather the storm. turned the call over to Vince.
* Vince said the quarter was where they expected to be, perhaps better. He noted that it was down from last year. He noted that their video game business down slightly only because they did not release a second title as they did last year.
* Vince said social media “is through the roof and will continue to be for quite some time.”
* Vince believes television ratings are good. He said they remain the No. 1 show on USA Network and Syfy. Vince said the third hour of Raw is doing “extremely well.”
* Vince touted the debuts of WWE Saturday Morning Slam and WWE Main Event. He also noted they launch of WWE programming on Hulu Plus, and discussed the deals to make the Scooby Doo movie and the ABC Family Christmas special.
* Vince believes the mobile app is “extraordinary.” He noted that it will be interactive over the next couple of weeks in ways that no television show has ever been.
* Vince said the WWE Network will be a premium subscription model. He said it will be the most interactive network in the world. He said there is movement on the network, then turned over the call to Barrios.
* Barrios went over the financial report and spoke about the new television deals and the increased number of television hours. He said it will not prevent them from launching a television network.
* Barrios sang the praises of their social media success by boasting about their Facebook “likes” count and Twitter followers.
* Ticket sales revenue were flat compared to the prior year quarter. Revenue in North America was up, and the company targeted areas that were doing better economically.
* WrestleMania buys were eight percent above the previous year, and the overall pay-per-view sales of the nine events this year were up nine percent compared to the same events in 2011.
* Television revenue was flat. Barrios attributed this to having fewer episodes of Smackdown within the quarter compared to last year, and ad rates.
* Barrios mentioned that the extra hour of Raw is performing better than NCIS reruns did for USA Network.
* The No Holds Barred movie re-release is expecting a $300,000 profit.
* Barrios revealed results of the fan base survey. Over 50 percent of the U.S. households have an affinity for WWE. Once Barrios finished running through the financial report, they opened up the phone lines.
* The first caller noted that we’re not getting a timeline on the network and asked about the network cannibalizing pay-per-view. Vince said the network will not do that. He said they have models that include pay-per-views and models that do not include pay-per-views. The caller asked if one of those models would give network subscribers pay-per-view. “It depends,” Vince responded.
* Vince said the Smackdown contract “comes up soon.” He noted that is the first TV deal to negotiate.
* Another called asked Vince about content for the network. He noted that different types of fans, including hardcore fans, want different things. He said they don’t want to give away too much because it could have an affect on their negotiations.
* Vince was asked about the increased attendance. He attributed it to the better quality of the product. He was asked how much he expects it to increase over time. Vince said he didn’t want to speculate, “but it will be good.”
* Another caller asked what type of increases they expect to see from their new television deals and Hulu Plus. Barrios said it was sensitive material because the partners may not want that information available. He said they feel good about the creative and the economics of the new shows.
* The caller pointed to the fan survey. He asked whether they needed to capture the full audience to make the network successful. Vince said they do not. He said their model makes a considerable amount of revenue. He said the chart tells them that the lapsed fans may have interest. He said it’s an older audience and felt there could be content for those fans. He said they could reach a large percentage of them, but it’s not based on the lapsed fan.
* The caller asked how much WWE would require to actually launch the network. Barrios said they are at 80 to 90 percent of the infrastructure they need. He seemed to indicate that the bigger expense could be the marketing push the network will require.
* This concluded the conference call.
Source: PWNET

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Vince McMahon Won’t Tell You On RAW

Vince McMahon is appearing on RAW this Monday? That can mean only one thing: ratings are down, down, down. Vince has tried to cut down on his presence on TV in recent years. It is a smart move on his part. There is not a lot left to do with his character, so his appearance should be limited and sporadic. But almost all of Vince McMahon’s appearance in recent years has been in response to a low rating on RAW the week before. So essentially, you could call Vince McMahon “Mr. Panic.”
Once again, Vince McMahon will be around to deliver a “State of the WWE” Address. I’m sure Vince will brag about certain things like Twitter or Tout and some other non-sense that is good in the WWE. I’m sure there will be some attempt to start a major angle as well. But the problem is, you know the angle was hastily put together in the last week. That more than likely means the angle has very little, if any, direction and the WWE won’t know where they are going with it.
But while Vince will try to tell you that everything is okay in the WWE, what he won’t tell you about is the numerous problems the WWE is facing right now. Number 1 is the continual drop in ratings for RAW. Last week, RAW received a 2.5 rating, the lowest non-holiday rating in a very long time. The ratings haven’t gone up on RAW in quite some time. And the third hour of the show, the 10-11 time slot, has at times been the lowest rated hour on the show. By starting the show at 8, the WWE is now wearing out a lot of their viewers by 10 p.m. And can you blame them? How many good TV shows can keep viewers for 3 hours? Wrestling is not programmed to go three hours on a weekly basis, especially if you have been booking it the way the WWE has. But Vince won’t let you know that moving to 3 hours was a bad idea, no matter how much he and the executives at USA think it is a good idea.
Vince also won’t tell you how thin and poorly booked the WWE roster is. Look at RAW right now. John Cena is injured. Who is the guy stepping up to take his place if he can’t go? Ryback, a guy that I would not feel comfortable putting in the main event of a PPV at this point in his career. And then over on Smackdown, Sheamus is the World Champion. Randy Orton is away filming a movie. He is still around, but who is helping out Smackdown with Orton gone? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. You would think with all of this time of programming that the WWE would have found a better way to get their mid card performers over. And I wonder, Vince, why have you not given more time to get some of your roster over? Stupid, pointless, 3 minute squash matches do not help those guys get over. Especially when there are multiple ones on the same show. Look at RAW in recent weeks. Wade Barrett and Ryback have a squash every week. How were Brodus Clay and Tensai introduced? That’s right, squash matches. It can maybe work for one guy, like Ryback, but having multiple squash matches is just bad. Instead of getting people over, it just ends up feeling like filler in the end.
When you have 5 hours of main wrestling programming to fill, you don’t go out there and 3 minute squash matches. If you want people to care about the mid-card, you give them time to develop actual programs and feuds. You give them time to work a 10 minute wrestling match in the ring. What mid-carders actually have a program right now? Miz is the Intercontinental Champion, who is going after his Title? How about Antonio Cesaro and the United States Championship? Anyone? Yes it was nice to see him beat Brodus Clay, but what does that lead to in the end? The WWE apparently has high hopes for Wade Barrett, but you wouldn’t know it by watching RAW and Smackdown. Its just one squash match after another. It works once or twice, but not every show over the span of a month or two.
Another problem with 3 hour RAWs? They’ve over-exposed a lot of characters. The prime example of that is Sheamus. Sheamus has not gotten over well since becoming World Champion. He’s almost getting into unbearable John Cena territory, at least for me. Just like Cena, Sheamus is throwing out corny catch phrases and just not looking like the bad ass he once was when he was a heel. Sheamus and John Cena are a large part of the WWE’s continuing problem of how to properly book a face, but that is a different discussion all together. There have been 3 people/things that have benefited from the move to 3 hours: C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan and the Tag Team Division. I can’t thing of anything else. I wanted to see more good wrestling but we only get one, if we are lucky two, good matches a show.
So while Vince McMahon will parade out on RAW and try to make you think everything is okay, remember that it is not. Vince knows that he has a problem on his hands and he needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat to get viewership.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vince McMahon Left His Busiest Day To Pick Jerry Lawler Up From Airport reports Vince McMahon was the one who directed the entire scene of Jerry "The King" Lawler being filmed while returning to Memphis.
McMahon left Connecticut for Montreal on Monday in his personal jet to pick Lawler up from the hospital. He then flew him to Memphis where WWE filmed Lawler's returning home that aired on Raw.
Reportedly McMahon also was the one responsible for the new "Long Live The King" shirt that is now on sale.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Report On Possible Tension Backstage Between Triple H And Vince McMahon

While Triple H's power backstage has increased exponentially over the past year or two, Vince McMahon still has the final say on most important matters, including Triple H's feud with Brock Lesnar.
Triple H is said to be convinced that he's more effective as a heel but McMahon insists that he remain a babyface. One source told The Wrestling Observer that there appears to be growing unspoken tension between the two over the issue, especially since SummerSlam.

Friday, August 10, 2012

WWE Officially Announces New Show, Vince McMahon Comments

WWE sent out the following today regarding their new Saturday morning show:
WWE Electrifies Saturday Mornings STAMFORD, Conn., August 9, 2012 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) and Saban Brands today announced a new, weekly half-hour show, WWE Saturday Morning Slam, that will debut on Saturday, August 25 at 10 a.m. WWE Saturday Morning Slam will be part of the television premiere of Vortexx on The CW, a Saturday morning kids' television block, reaching 114 million U.S. television households. This marks the first time, since 2001, WWE will have a program in a kids' time slot and reinforces WWE's commitment to kid-friendly entertainment. WWE Saturday Morning Slam packs the riveting in-ring action, the larger-than-life WWE Superstars, and the WWE's entertaining brand extensions into the fastest, most energy-filled half-hour on television. WWE Superstar profiles, behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive WWE match every week will all combine to make WWE Saturday Morning Slam the perfect destination for the youngest viewers in the WWE Universe. The show will also include highlights from WWE's Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign and other community initiatives. "We are extremely excited to partner with the WWE to bring their world-class brand of entertainment to Vortexx," said Joel Andryc, Co-President, Vortexx. "With a focus on action, adventure and comedy, Vortexx is the perfect home for WWE Saturday Morning Slam and will definitely excite our fans."

WWE has a long history on Saturday mornings, and we're thrilled to make our action-packed return on Vortexx with WWE Saturday Morning Slam," said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. "The new program enables us to further engage kids and families, a vital component of WWE's passionate and multi-generational fan base."

Devin Cutting contributed to this article
Source: Alexa

Friday, August 3, 2012

WWE News: 8/2 Vince McMahon conference call - WWE Network, WWE TV deal with Ion, Raw expansion to three hours

Vince McMahon hosted a conference call pertaining to the second quarter financial report that WWE released on August 2, 2012. The following are the highlights of the call.

-Michael Weitz of WWE Investor Relations opened the call and noted that he was joined by Vince McMahon and WWE CFO George Barrios. Weitz turned the call over to Vince.

-McMahon said the quarter was essentially flat. "It was nothing to write home about," Vince said. He touted the 17 percent increase in pay-per-view revenue. He noted the decrease in licensing profits was due to the lack of the WWE All-Stars title. Vince said the live events and TV ratings were flat.

-Vince boasted about the "excellent" television ratings for Raw 1000. He said the third hour of WWE Raw will give them more exposure.

-Vince laughed as he talked about remastering and releasing "No Holds Barred" and said it has done extremely well.

-Vince said people have been very patient regarding when and what the WWE Network is. He saidthey are not ready to make an announcement, but he feels very confident that next month they will be making one.

-Barrios said the company invested $5 million in Tout. He said the Tout app was downloaded more than 30,000 times after they included Touts in their live Raw broadcast. He ran through the second quarter earnings presentation.

-Barrios said the WWE Main Event television show will debut on October 3.

-Barrios touted upcoming movie releases, including "The Marine: Homefront" with The Miz, "Dead Man Down" starring Colin Farrell and co-starring Wade Barrett, "The Hive" with Halle Berry and David Otunga, "No One Lives" with Luke Evans and co-starring Brodus Clay, and a film called "Barricade" that will be released in September.

-Barrios also noted that they spent $100,000 to remaster "No Holds Barred" and expect to generate $300,000 in revenue from the film.

-Barrios raved about their increases in Facebook and Twitter follower count and Youtube views.

-They switched gears to take questions from callers. The first caller asked for more details regarding the range of format options for the WWE Network. Barrios said the three basic models that exist are broad basic distribution, a pay TV format, and a third would be "over the top." He said they continue to have discussions regarding all three.
-Barrios said he feels they've improved the content and functionality of the WWE website, and he said he feels increasing the social aspect of it has also helped improve their numbers in that area.

-Barrios said they will spend between $5 million and $10 million on programming for WWE Network this year. He ran through other expected costs. He said they will discuss the expense model and investment model once they release more details about the network.

-A caller asked to explain the pay-per-view growth this quarter. Barrios said WrestleMania buys were up roughly 15 percent. He said the other events were up 20 percent. The caller asked if they spent more on marketing. Barrios said he felt the creative was great and that's what drove it. He said marketing was essentially flat compared to the year before.

-The caller asked about North American attendance being down. Barrios said it's hard to make a comparison from quarter to quarter because they are in different markets. He acknowledged that Smackdown live event attendance is down from where they would like it to be. Barrios said they view the numbers as status quo.

-The caller also asked whether the Youtube content takes away from television. Vince said it enhances it. He turned the focus to the three-hour expansion and said the earlier hour helps them reach a different audience. He said they can't get much from that extra hour internationally because they have existing deals. He said the same is true for the WWE Main Event show. He said they expect that to change once the existing contracts expire.

-Barrios declined to say what percentage of Tout they own. He noted that they released the investment amount ($5 million).

-A caller asked where WWE expects the most growth from social media. Barrios said it's hard to draw a direct line. "I believe the bigger win is just enhancing the brand and engaging with our audience, and that ripples through everything," Barrios said.

-The caller asked about WWE Superstars and NXT television. Barrios said they continue to be broadcast internationally. He noted the change in the NXT format and taping location. He said it's been going "real well" and said the show "looks great." The caller specifically asked for an update about the shows airing in the United States. They breezed through that one with the usual line about how it could change. At least they didn't make the usual claim about the shows being in high demand.

-Regarding WWE Network content, Barrios mentioned Legends House and said they expect to have live programming as well. He mentioned their library and said they are creating new content using the library. He said they've developed a "compelling show" called "Monday Night Wars."

-The caller stated that as a shareholder, the company needs to say more regarding the WWE Network. "I'm quite confident that the next earnings call will have a lot more clarity for you," Vince McMahon responded.

A caller mentioned that Raw and the pay-per-views seem to have become edgier. He asked whether there's been an intentional move to bring back double entendres from the Monday Night Wars era. Vince said he sees it as an evolvement, and feels the writing of the shows have been considerably better. He said he doesn't feel there's a topic they can't touch while doing it in a more acceptable way. He said they've been more G than PG, but he said you can stretch things. A caller asked whether they took it too far on the G-rating side, and Vince agreed with that assessment

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vince McMahon Going ‘All Out’ For 1,000th WWE RAW

Vince McMahon is going all out for the upcoming 1000th episode of RAW and is open to anybody returning.

“Vince is forgetting about politics, personal issues, any heat guys might have with each other and wants this to be monumental,” a source said.

WWE has apparently put together a list of names they are expecting to appear on the show, but want to keep several names unadvertised. They have told these names to do “anything and everything” to keep the surprises secret including saying publicly that they will be somewhere else the night of the 1000th RAW.

As noted earlier, here is an updated list of WWE Legends confirmed to appear on the 1000th episode of RAW:

* Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been advertised on and locally for a “DX Reunion.”

* Brock Lesnar will return to respond to Triple H’s challenge to face him at Summerslam.

* Bret Hart has been advertised locally.

* The Rock said on Twitter that he will return on the show. That was confirmed on and RAW.

* Mick Foley will appear on the show.

* Tatanka, Roddy Piper, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, DDP, Steve Blackman, Vader, Doink the Clown, Bob Backlund and Sid Vicious have all also teased appearances, appeared recently, or been contacted by WWE about appearing.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Former WWE Writer Talks About Heated Argument with Vince McMahon

Former WWE writer Alex Greenfield recently talked with MLWrestling about a verbal exchange with Vince McMahon that came close to exchanging blows. Here is the story.

“Now that I think about it, I can’t remember what arena it was but it was over the stupidest f–king thing in the world. It was during the thing when it was Shane and Vince vs. DX and we were doing some silly, little backstage pre-tape. This isn’t even a live show. This is something we’re taping earlier in the day to feed back into the show.

“So, Snitzky and a couple other guys are watching DX make fun of Vince and Shane on the monitor. Then, we come out of the monitor, and we see the guys laughing at all the hilarity of Shawn and Hunter — which is a whole other issue — and then you do the slow reveal that Shane and Vince are standing right behind them. Then they yell at the guys and I think Shane punches one of them out or something like that.

“What I wanted to do was get Kevin Dunn to feed back in the bottom of the scene, so that we would be seeing them still standing in the ring and the audience cheering or whatever it is they were doing when we pull out so that the audience understands what these guys are laughing at. Vince is like, ‘No, God damn it.’ Then he gets on the headset with Kevin Dunn and says, ‘Just put the Raw logo up and we’ll come out of the logo.’

“I said to him, ‘Vince, that’s not going to make any sense to the audience.’ He said, ‘Yes it will. We’re just doing it.’ I said, ‘No, let me explain.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to hear an explanation.’ I said, ‘You f–king hired me, I’m going to give you an explanation.’ His eyes went wide with shock.

“I think the thing that pissed him off is that I did all of this in front of everybody standing there. But, he was just shutting me down without listening to what I had to say and I was f–king right.

“Anyway, we go back and forth and it’s his company so Vince gets it his way. When it aired, the shot didn’t make any sense whatso-f–king-ever. You couldn’t tell what the guys were laughing at. Then, after the scenes over, he says, ‘You come with me right now!’ I was like, ‘OK,’ thinking I was going to get fired, frankly.

“He lights me up outside, saying, ‘God damn it! How dare you get on my case in front of people. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ Understand, there are fans in the background because we’re standing right outside the arena. There were fans way back that were wondering what the f–k Vince was doing yelling at this little Jewish kid. [Laughs.] I just refused to back down and said, ‘My way is the right way. You did it wrong.’ He said, ‘God damn it, I wish you were 6’7″.’ I said, ‘I’m not but I’m standing right here.’ I get pretty pissed myself.

“There was a moment in that conversation where I thought he was just going to haul off and punch me in the face. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking like a bad ass here, like I would have won this confrontation. [Laughs.] He probably would have broken my jaw. But that was the big, almost-coming-to-blows confrontation. I’m convinced to this day that he thought about knocking the s–t out of me.

“I think it became a game to Vince. (Fellow ex-WWE writer) Court (Bauer) and I played this little game once. I was going to pitch this idea that everybody on the writing team believed in and we decided, you know what — because Vince liked Court a lot — you know what Court, let’s have you pitch this. He did and it got over and I know with a certainty that if I had pitched the same idea, it wouldn’t have. I think for Vince — and this was right before I quit — it became the game of ‘how far can I push this guy before he blows up?’”